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One of the great fears in cryptocurrency world is about the security when storing their digital assets. Since cryptocurrencies are created using Blockchain technology, the custody of these assets must also be carried out in a fully digital Blockchain environment.

We can summarize that the custody of cryptocurrencies is nothing more than keeping the assets in a safe way, that is, within the networks of this universe, managing to keep them in a place that is protected from any type of fraud or theft. Coincover through Symatri protects all Wallet Assets of NUI customers giving even more security and credibility.


Mining is the same as adding completely digital transaction logs to the blockchain. Transactions are called block chains and, through the blockchain, are securely logged and confirmed on the network.


It is the stock that makes a profit between the “spreads” of different exchanges that trade the same cryptocurrency. However, as you can imagine, a lot of study is needed to be able to act efficiently with this strategy, since it is a high-risk market.

Nui offers the best and safest arbitration service, your safety is our main concern.


It is the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. For that, a team of high technical capacity is needed, such as Nui’s team of professionals. It’s no wonder that even in times of decline and fluctuations in the market, Nui continues to show positive results. The company has been investing in technology and implementing new approaches, diversifications and infrastructure to its team of traders, which ensures the entire process of stability in times of market decline.

Another feature that Nui offers is flexible trading, which every week the affiliate will be able to choose the risk he wants to trade in the week, thus giving him the autonomy to decide how he would like the company to work his asset.


It is the activity of gaining equity through negotiations between different cryptoactives. Another service that must be conducted by experienced professionals to build your assets safely.

The customer rents his cryptocurrencies. The company with this lease starts to operate with the assets for a period and an income is paid, as a variable “rent” on the value. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to buy cryptocurrencies, but still don’t know how to trade the market and make profits.


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